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Lakeside Cleaning Services LLC understands that government contracting is crucial to our country operating efficiently. In order to maintain the standards set by the world leader, contractors have to be proficient, organized and deliver timely completion.

We have set a standard of excellence that will provide government facilities with the proper up-keep to ensure officials spend less time focusing on contractor output and more time implementing policy to protect our democracy and freedom.

Common Cleaning

Dusting/ Sanitation/ Disinfecting

Countertops, Table tops, Desk, Restroom cleaning, Daily waste removal


Dispensers and stocking supplies are checked and refilled daily.

Glass & Metal

Windows are cleaned quarterly or as needed. Mirrors and metal is cleaned or polished daily.

Floors - Daily Maintenance

Lobbies/ Offices/ Conference rooms/ Restrooms


Sweeping, Mopping, Vacuuming 

Floors - Annually/ Quarterly

Lobbies/ Restrooms/ Entrances

Strip, Wax, Buffing, Carpet Cleaning

Vents and Light Fixtures

Vents and light fixtures are cleaned monthly or as needed.

Above are some of our general cleaning solutions for commercial and goverment buildings, however we tailor our services to each individual client.

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