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Janitorial Service in Houston, TX

Lakeside Cleaning Services will ensure that your business or office spaces stays in immaculate condition with our commercial cleaning service. We offer tailored cleaning solutions to business owners in the Houston area. Whether it's an office building, restaurant or Air BNB, we will provide cleaning and building maintenance to ensure your property is ready for business. Our work is consistent and reliable, and you can trust our cleaning company to thoroughly clean your space between business hours or check-outs and check-ins.

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Carrying Cleaning Supplies

Want to get more production out of your employees?




Our commercial cleaning service is always available to clean your space from top to bottom which will create a clean and organized work environment for your employees. We can provide everything you need to keep your building in top condition, including commercial floor cleaning, low rise window cleaning service, commercial carpet cleaning, and more.

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Cleaning with a Mop
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Air BNB & Rental Properties


We use the best techniques and products to clean your property for any occasion. Make your space neat and tidy for every guest! If you need quick and efficient property cleanups, contact us today. Fill out the form below and let us help you.

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Reliable and secure. We work with a carefully selected professional team.

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Guaranteed work. We offer top-grade cleaning results. Always on time.

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High-quality products. We use to quality products to 
ensure the best results.

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Affordable service. Get the best pricing and cleaning solutions for your business.

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